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ah the holidays....

Sorry for the long absence!!! I have been busy flying, transiting, flying, transiting, driving, sleeping, avoiding hail storms and torrential rain. It's funny how things change every year that I am away but somehow stay the same. This could be jet-lag talking, you could be better off to not read my babbling words today :) I have however, been doing some shopping since I arrived. What I have really noticed is that here in the land of Aus, the style is more relaxed, the colours brighter, the skirts shorter and the midriffs higher. Maybe because it's summer, or maybe because it's cultural, I'm not sure. I do have a bit of jelly for the local lean tanned bodies parading by though. Oh sunshine? Where for art though tanning rays? Anyway... One brand I have been drawn to repeatedly is Style Stalker. (I'm sure you all read the BLOG) I haven't seen this in London stores so it's been a bit of fun to rummage through their range and find some gems. That and I have a girl crush on Bambi who seems to be fronting up their gift cards. Here are their latest promo images, check out a small selection of the range on their website

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