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No resolutions are good resolutions!

Shakuhachi dress, Anap Harauku hat, Azzolini bikini, Rayban Wayfarere 2, H&M bag, jewellery purchased in Thailand.

After a year of working and running around like a crazy person trying to achieve and save and spend more time with friends and travel and meet a million other self imposed goals, I decided to spend December & January in a state of relaxation. Cue trips to Australia, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Phuket. Little did I know that the world would decide to go into weather melt down and I would be stranded in floods and then get sun stroke only 2 days apart. Errmm, yes, OK, I have become British, my skin no longer loves the sun and I found the first tinge of sunburn (actual sunburn) on my skin since I can remember. Childhood brings memories of endless days in the sun, sailing and surfing, but never sunburn. What has happened? Oh well, I will take comfort in the fact that I'll age slower over here and learn to love my anti-tan. I feel I'm getting off track here, so back to the point. This year, I promise to have no goals, no self imposed restraint and just live life as it comes. FUN is the word for 2011. Not that 2010 didn't have a whirlwind of of it, but I think people place to much strain on achieving perfection and unobtainable goals. Life is for living now, not living for the moment when a, b, or c is finally within your grasp. That said, here's some pics from a culture that lives in the moment, and always makes me feel alive and excited. Excuse the willy massage one but this just reminds me that anything you could possibly want in life, has an affordable price in Patong Beach. Viva Thailand escape from London winter!

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