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One an Hour

I saw this today, and got all inspired for a new project. A picture for every hour of your day seems quite cool, unless you're sitting on the couch all day or at an office desk. Hmm excitement zone. So I guess I better pick an interesting day to film eh? Here's hoping I can borrow the Barbie Polaroid Cam for the day from the Menache aka my super friend/flatmate/fellow barbie lover. Insert baked goods bribe here. Perhaps Friday when I am shooting an Uma Turan mask, oh, exciting headwear!!! Check out her milliner range here. She has recently styled her head pieces for iD magazine so I am pretty chuffed to get to wear one. We're shooting with Ksenia Belash and I am totes looking forward to it, weeeeeee

Post Script: I am aware I say excitement/ing/ed way too much. I am working on this, I promise... ♥

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