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Goldilocks aka Gemma Ward has graced more than 30 VOGUE covers world wide, followed Kate Moss as the face of CK Obsession, and inspired a new breed of heart shaped beauties (Lily Cole, Jessica Stam, Vlada Roslyakova) earning her a supermodel title fair and square. So we should all love her right? Not so it seems. When the media viciously attacked her for gaining a few pounds when on a break from modelling, Ward elected not to return. A retiree at 20! I don't know about you but does it not seem a little like tall poppy syndrome here? Tall and gorgeous, blonde poppy? Ah the fickle hand of media, somewhat sad isn't it? Anyway enough moaning, here's some pretty pictures to look at whilst secretly hoping for a Ward comeback, Viva Goldy ♥

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