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Open Those Peepers!

So I know my LFW posting is a bit slow, but eesh I have been working until 10pm every night so I actually don't have enough hours in the day to organise coherent thoughts and get them down on paper. Paper being a laptop screen. Anyway, amongst the exhibitions rails I had a chat with up & coming designer Sara Bro-Jorgensen and invited myself to touch all her clothes and take some photos, as you do. And.... I am totes excited that she is going to be available on ASOS Marketplace from March, due to the fact that the above top needs to be in my wardrobe! I sadly missed her showing in the Vauxhall Ones to Watch as I was still in France, but have kindly been given some pretty pictures to share anyhow. Viva fashion week ♥  Oh, and I am totes loving the print bike shorts!