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Aje Discovery

Over the last 3 seasons I have noticed the Aje brand round the traps, watched the collections grow, silently wished for a UK stockist and never really wondered too much about anything else. Until today, when I discovered the trio of designers are some my Australian high school chums, surprise! Here are my favorites from AW11, the cropped leather jacket a number one must have. The whole range has a fresh, slightly streetwise feel to it and fits perfectly with my current love of asymmetrical lines & flattering shapes, never underestimate the power of pleasing contours. Enjoy.
.....for my non-Aussie lovers, don't worry, I have pestered my old friends for a UK stockist and will keep you in the loop!


Shini said...

That's awesome they went to school with you, must've been such a surprise actually, realising that the brand you like are done by people you know!

Yes pester away, that top in the last pic is favveddd!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so pretty. x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?

natalie love said...

@Shini - I know! best discovery ever!! Will email you once I hear back about stockists x

@Jazzy - thanks & I will check out your blog :)