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Alien Nation @ Great Western Studios

Man Cheung displaying his love for his exhibit, Not Another Bloody Aussie. Photo of the day!

Last night was the opening of Alien Nation and I have been looking forward to this for ages! I trundled off
toward the venue on a slow circle line wondering what would be on show and who would be there. After about 4 hours of tube travel time (OK, I am tube-a-phobic it was more like 20 minutes) I reached somewhere so far West that even my iphone didn't have signal, then I realised I was in fact, in Notting Hill and all was well. After a few wrong turns (thanks Orange for no signal!) I found the entrance to the Great Western Studios and wine flowed, speeches entertained, flashes, erm, flashed, and a really impressive opening was had. The theme of this show is based on a book George Mike's How to be an Alien and explores the life lived by foreigners in London. This struck me as really interesting because, how do you know if someone is foreign just by looking at them? We're such an integrated world that appearance does not always reflect culture. Being an ex-pat maybe it piqued a personal element too, either way, the results were quite interesting and the speech made by the curator's father was touching and peppered with some nice polite, art gallery humor. A positive evening all round and worth a tube journey.


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