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Back on the Chain

Anap Tokyo hat, ASOS ring, H&M Hennes bag, Topshop Premium Shoeboots, leather skit, necklace, Mink Pink tank.
Photography by James Lee

I really love the canals that run through London, there's something about a still body of water, with the huge white swans, garden covered canal boats, dinky pubs and even the inescapable grime, it's still lovely. I can hear my Australian friends asking if I have gone mad, but in summer this little stretch of concrete and muddy water is covered in hundreds of people, drinking cider, sunbaking and relaxing. It's simply the London version of the beach. Everyone needs a waterfront after all...

PS: This is the Anap Hat from my earlier post about headwear obsessions here!


cryskay said...

gorgeous photos. love everything about this outfit. xo

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natalie love said...

Thanks Crystal!

Loving the F21 giveaway :)


Miss Bias said...

Great photos. Great outfit. Great scenery. As an Aussie girl, yes, from one perspective, I am saying "are you mad?" but from the other perspective with having been to London, I can definitely understand why you are liking the vibe.

Miss Bias

natalie love said...
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