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Holga Colour Explosion!

Alright alright so I know I have been wandering off the topic of fashion these last few posts but I promise to get back to outfit posting from tomorrow! Here's the results I promised (in my earlier B&W Holga post) from the first roll of colour film in my Holga135BC. It is totes amaze! Get one in your hand!


Marusya V said...

Nice blog! Love the arty photographs! And your blog about Japan, well , I did the same- all we can do know is to appeal to people and hopefully generate more help all together!

Warmest regards,
Marusya V
p.s. may be if you have time visit my blog, I would love to hear what you think! :)

natalie love said...

Thanks for the lovely comments Marusya! I know it is just awful isn't it, thankfully all of my friends in Tokyo & Osaka are OK but every donation will help the areas worst affected. Lovely blog you have too, I like your flashing header! x