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Nippon Love

Image: Park & Cube
I'm sure you're all aware of what's been happening over the last 3 days in Japan. Only a few hours ago further worry has hit the Fukushima district with fears of a Nuclear Reactor overheating. I whole hearted urge you all to DONATE to the Red Cross appeal. Every donation counts. Japan is a stunning country of beautiful culture and amazing people. Not to mention a country producing some of the best fashion in the industry right now. Having been to Japan quite regularly over the last 10 years I feel saddened and helpless but donating to the red Cross ensures that those who can help have the facilities to do so.


PS: And a bribe, I saw this little guy last trip, and he loks cold, do you want him to be cold? No? Then donate! Hehe
My photo - Snow Monkey Park Nagano Prefecture

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