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Repeat Please

So, I acknowledge that I have a sheer addiction almost rivaling my need for hats, however, I can buy one more creamy-nude-white-sheer shirt right? You've seen it, you understand. Credit card fail # 428. Anyway, it's all Jess Hart's fault for leading me to New York brand Pencey. If JH wears it, it is likely a comfy piece of attire fit for any of us, no?


Mary Ko. said...

this is amazing!
shirt&shorts look stunning together

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Meekay said...

Great outfit!

natalie love said...

Thanks guys, I hope I don't burst your bubble but this image belongs to Pencey :)

Checking out your blogs now!!


Rene Braun said...

Great outfit!! Love you blouse!!



Raya said...

love this look! and great blog:))

natalie love said...

Thanks Raya & Rene :) :) :)