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Style Stalker Delivery!!

SO, after a frankly hectic and not all that pleasant week of long days, long nights and generally feeling a bit sorry for myself I arrived home on Saturday to find a shiny new package from Black Label Boutique, cue me all of a sudden feeling a whole lop more chipper. Style Stalker pre-order glee ensued and I ran outside on my balcony to get a few snaps of the amaze sheer fabric on a sunny afternoon. (I realise this is not my most artistic post here, it's a balcony and some shady buildings, but hopefully the fabric love I am feeling will rub off on you all. ♥
Photography: Nash Bishop


menaché said...

hahaha credited nash - nicely done.

Love Baby Grand said...

I'm a little bit jealous, since I've developed a little bit of an obsession with animal prints!

natalie love said...

Ooh does this mean a new animal print range from LBG??? :) xx