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I think it's about casual elegance

Images: Nastygal

Though not usually a lover of preppy items, I feel drawn to this new campaign by NG. It just reiterates my feeling that perhaps I might go bankrupt while I am in the US next week. I also find I am falling more and more for Asian models, Liu Wen, Du Juan, Shu Pei, the list goes on. Who is she? A touch of attitude but a youthful innocence, I love.


Sarah said...

These photos dreamy and gorgeous! Nice pick! :}
My favorite is the last one. The coloring is Fantastic!

Follow me, Ill follow you if ya wish? ;]

thea natalie said...

Thanks for your comments lovely, I totally agree, red lips is winning! x

alexandra grecco said...

Alexandra Grecco

Erin Z said...

The model looks stunning! She reminds me a little of Olivia from lustforlife.

TOPCOAT said...

I absolutely LOVE first coat xx

thea natalie said...

Oh she is like Olivia! I wish I knew who she was for a little portfolio stalking hehe. x