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Mama's on Washington

Urban Outfitter Sweater (again - sorry!), Topshop tights & Bag, Raybans, Creative Sandals
As a California rookie, I clearly went to SF with summer in mind, no sweaters, no jackets, and consequently had to buy this mustardy number. You're going to see it a lot, cue repeat central! Ah well. The scenery and food should distract you :)

Mama's on Washington square is right in the middle of NoLIta in San Fran. The area is beautiful, covered in little deli's, restaurants and cafes. Much more homely and inviting than Union Square. The line-up is huge but the old style Italian breakfast is so amazing that you forget all about it by the time you're munching away on  Dungess Crab Benedict. Drool. Loved it. Please visit if you can. x


Lucent Imagery said...

Awesome! We went to an italian restaurant for dinner on this square. It is so lovely. I'm ridiculously in love with the dog wall graffiti, wishing we had seen those for photo ops! I love you standing in front of them. Hilarious.

thea natalie said...

I know how cool are they! Oh the food was delicious,delicious, delicious... x