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The Craft

Stylestalker dress, Topshop Premium shoe-boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

Has anybody else noticed the supernatural theme not only not waning, but actually taking over tv of late? There's even a new version of teen movie The Craft manifesting itself in a TV series, The Secret Circle, which promises more tween-ish thrills. Oooohhhh. (Creepy ooohhh, not excited ooohhh). I miss the days when scary movies were full of ugly, terrifying baddies with scars on their faces and big hairy beards. A pouting beautiful man doesn't inspire thoughts of fleeing in me, I wonder why.. Anyway, the subliminal messaging must be working, and clearly inspired me to get all laced up at 10am on a Sunday. I held back on the talons and ripped nylons though.. 


lepinkbow said...

in love with your outfit!! (:

Aya Smith said...

I rather miss old horror movies too. I also think they were more straight forward...

You look gorgeous! Those boots are amazing :)

Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

Jacquelyn said...

Love that dress so gorgeous! Great post!


thea natalie said...

Thanks lovelies. @Aya - Best one to has be the Japanese/original version of the Ring for ultimate scares, or Renfield's Dracula for some real old fashion thrills hehe. x

Sophia said...

The opening credits of The Secret Circle really irks me. Nothing creepier than the sound of seemingly innocent children humming menacingly.

x Sophia