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Thank you Planet Blue, I have found my new hair-idol, woop! Now to wait patiently for my hair to grow to a length suitable for this to not look ridiculous. Dear Hair-god, grow, grow, grow!


Wida said...

God, she is so stunning! Haha, I've been debating on whether or not I should chop off my hair!! We girls tend to be very indecisive aren't we? :D

I'm surprised you didn't have a successful DIY with the necklace, I found it to be very easy, I did it all in less than 2 hours. I wish the best of luck to you! Here was my tutorial:

Missing Amsie Blog

Francesca Felix said...

yeah no kidding! this girls hair is amazing

thea natalie said...

@Wilda - I think it's a lack of patience :) I need a dummy and some jewellery pliers it seems, I was doing make-shift with my boyfriend's woodwork tools hehe. Thank you so much for the tutorial link! x