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Home Sweet Home

One of my favourite things about East London is the endless creative surprises. My penguin friends were encountered on a lazy Sunday afternoon walk and a spot of vintage shopping. Did you say cliche, well.... ok, but it's true, the East is where I feel most comfortable and most unobserved, leaving me free to take awkward photos of my feet against a wall. x

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Laura said...

I have a thing for penguins so I love this post :)

Fabliha said...

those pants and boots are so stunning - I love this photo = those penguins are delightful


Kdotorg said...

Those penguins are super cute! Love your outfit too (or what I can see of it). Great blog :)

Théa Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment! We have the matching name, yeah! My name is just Théa :)

Théa Unknown

Victoria said...

Sounds very cliche but I agree with you East London is amazing, love all the multycultural places to eat and the vintage shops, style, coffe shops. simply love it! Lovely blog!

Spoonful Of Diamonds said...

i love the pants and boots! i love the background of the photo too!!