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Tartan and the LFW Giveaway

Corrie Nielsen, moi, Francesca Marotta, Fam Irvoll, Somerset House papping, Corrie

If variation in extremes is what I was aiming for on Day 1 of LFW, then I could be patting myself on the back and feeling a little smug. When a day begins and ends with Corrie Nielsen and Fam Irvoll, added to some hectic city crossing in super heels and a little Francesa Marotta, you know it's bound to be all things good and exhausting. No doubt you'll have seen the rave press surrounding Corrie and her 'sexy office lady'-cum-'Queen Elizabethan' collection, so bore you with another rave I shant, but I will say it was an amazing way to start the week, and Day 2 brought even more to the table.

In the spirit of sharing the lfw-lurve,and with many thanks to London Fashion Week, Vauxhall Fashion Scount and The Bodyshop UK I am giving away an exclusive front row show bag from LFW!!! 

As with all good give-aways, add Creatures of Life to your social media and leave a comment below to win. Each media type is an entry, please leave details below. The winner will be announced on Friday the 2nd of March!



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