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Beatnik Wishlist

My favourite look from the new Shakuhachi California Dreaming collection has to be this multi-colour ensemble. Express delivery from Sydney? Yusss please. As for the rest, I'm not entirely sure how I feel. I usually love pretty much everything they produce, but the rest of the collection remind me a little of when I walked Indian Fahsion Week: Luxe looking materials that could be slightly scratchy and not so much of the beatnik vibe I was expecting from a collection of this namesake. I find myself wondering if it's up my street or if I'm simply remaining loyal to a brand I've followed for some time.  I suppose in the coming weeks when I see the pieces styled by bloggers world over it will show me a fresh take, but for now, leather shorts and slouchy tops will be in my basket..... and probably some knits too, because you know, I do love a bit of woolly goodness.

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Tori said...

I am IN LOVE with those shorts. would be so great for a night out in summer.

great blog, so glad I came across it :) following!