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Breaking Brawn

Stylestalker top, vintage fur, Topshop leggings and boots

Ooooh, I made a Twihard joke, a sure sign of a desperate spiral into working late and watching awful cinematic pieces to relax, but this weekend I've ticked boxes like there's no tomorrow. For one, I finally managed to sample the delights of Brawn, and it was TASTY with a capital everything. Nettle soup with poached duck eggs, hand chopped steak tartare, delicate samphire and scallops, pork belly that pulled apart simply at will. If this is the competition for ST John's, then they had better be worried, each dish held it's own and complimented the other selections, I fear that the minds behind Terriors, and now Brawn, may come to own a large share of my monthly hard earned. Go now while you can still get a table. 

PS: If anyone is looking for some lovely hairdressers in East London, an honourable mention for the above locks goes to Reuben's on Nile Street x

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